a different north

There is more than one North.

There is Magnetic North, and True North. There is the North in Northern, and the North that is further away, past other Norths.

North is an orientation, a direction and a location.

Your North might be an idea, or a place, a story, a picture, an accent, a memory or a song.

Every human is their own compass, with their own North.

A Different North is a project about collecting and sharing Norths, it charts new Norths and forgotten Norths. Norths that are changing and ones that will soon be lost.

Welcome to A Different North.

After three years of conversation with people all over the world, A Different North culminates in a 24 hour performance during which Gillian constructs and arranges 360 compasses, all of which point to their own North. Meanwhile Adam collates and assembles over 100 books, each containing writing about the different Norths we encountered and each unique.