white lund commemoration

One hundred years ago an explosion rocked Lancashire. The munitions depot at White Lund in Morecambe exploded with a force that could be heard as far away as Burnley. Due to the secretive nature of the factory, press reports were suppressed at the time and the incident was buried in all but the memories of the people involved.

This film is a commemoration on the centenary of the event.

We invited a group of local women aged 20–75, to film a series of choreographic movements generated by the women themselves, and which focus on their own working experiences, revealing, and preserving the story by drawing parallels between the mostly women workers of the depot and their modern counterparts through performance and film.

Thank you, Anna, Kathryn, Yvonne, Janet, Alison, Ann,
Amanda, Janine, Philipa, Georgie and Pam.

This film was made as part of the ‘Blasted’ project in collaboration with Lancaster Arts, King’s Own Regiment Museum and Light Up Lancaster.

Light Up Lancaster & Lancaster Arts